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Solar or reflective safety films

It's still tinted film that blocks heat and reflects sunlight. Among all the existing types of film, only one does not reflect light.

It is used in condo-type windows, for example, where it will provide the same services as ordinary films, without however being visible from the outside. Although tinted, it gives the impression of being clear.

Security films

This type of transparent film is often found in factories when they are installed near certain machines to block residues that can be expelled and thus protect workers.

They are also found in shop windows where, depending on their thickness, they will protect the interior of the shop against assaults and intrusions by criminals.

Reflective films

There is a marked difference between these two types of dandruff:

Opacifying : This does not let any light in or out and it is impossible to see through it. It can be used, for example, to "condemn" a window, without having to pay large sums to redo a wall.

Translucent : Just like the opacifier, it is impossible to see through it, but it still allows light to enter the interior of the room it protects.

Whatever type of film you need, Vitrerie Baril can have it installed by certified partners exclusively.

Also find out about our decorative films for large-scale projects. They will please you for sure.

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