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Bathe your living or working space in the bewitching luminosity of the glass. Modern, safe and functional, it lets in natural light while offering protection against bad weather and intrusions. Customize your experience with innovative options such as tempered, laminated or insulating glass, for unparalleled comfort and impeccable aesthetics.

Thicknesses and usages

  • 2 mm thick panes
    This thickness is ideal for repairing aluminum frames for homes or recreational vehicles, making photo frames, etc. Clear or non-reflective glass available.
  • 3 mm thick panes
    Ideal for wooden or aluminum door frames. Can also be used for kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors.
  • 5 mm thick panes
    Use with sliding sashes, furniture with glass doors, refrigerator shelves, as a small wall shelf and much more. Pyroceram (fireplace door glass) available.
  • 6mm thick panes
    Effective protection for kitchen or living room table tops, consoles or bedside tables. It is also used to make displays, showcases or office space divisions. Laminated or wired glass available
  • 10 mm thick panes
    Ideal thickness for showers as well as all the furniture mentioned above. It is also used for displays, shelves, showcases or stair railings.
  • 12 mm thick panes
    Although its use for residential purposes is possible, glass of this thickness is mainly used for commercial purposes such as store divisions, railings of all kinds. When tempered, this glass is used to make bay windows for arenas.
  • 15 mm thick panes
    This thickness will be used more for commercial purposes to make furniture tops as well as various ramps. With the exception of the 2 mm thick glass, all the others can be tinted and secured (tempered glass) if desired.

Ask our advisors about obtaining textured glass available on request.

We are professionals able to cut glass to your specific needs, and that is why we are proud to say that we custom cut glass for each of our clients, using the latest techniques and technology to ensure quality and the precision of each cut.

With the exception of the 2 mm thick glass, all the others can be tinted and secured (tempered glass) if desired. We cut the glass to measure. Models available with holes to allow the passage of fasteners or wires.

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